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Yeah that's standard.... to be fair the criticism is not so much that the issues haven't been fixed, it's that the community updates so far haven't even acknowledged the existence of said topics. Some think that's unreasonable, others like me thinks it's normal at this early stage.

I agree to a certain extent. For me it's not "normal" because people paid full price for it and something more was to be expected. Not in terms of features but in terms of polish. It's up to interpretation and sensibility clearly, some people including Larian felt it was good enough and i don't think it is. I'd never have the audacity to ask full price for a game in such early state.

But Larian stated up front about the price. We should have all known what we were getting into.

As for Tuco's point about bugs over core... fixing graphical crashes to ensure that people can play IS more important that party member size and movement. In essence, that is CORE and what we want is the flavour on top and you know that you and I have similar views and wish lists.