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In the end Kagha is just a person in over her head - consistent with desperate people in desperate circumstances theme of the Druid Grove. Ultimately it all boils down to something similar to "Wyll dilemma" whether or not the end justifies the means and I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot of that also in regard to our Ilithid powers.

So to me she's actually very well written, once you have the full picture, but as in life you might not always get there, so that's fine too.

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Khaga is an interesting character because she offers multiple outcomes depending on how the player wants to deal with her. The narration straight up makes her looking quite the villain with the attempt to save the child purposely left behind a steep die roll, even though she's actually not directly involved in her death.

I agree with Azarielle. All things considered, she's a well written character, multilayered and contrived by her allegiances.

I don't agree and think her character does not fit her surroundings but if that is later handwaved away by her or Olodan being an agent of the Absolute then I guess this thread is null and void.