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Yeah it is very much EARLY Early Access
As I said, it feels almost like a final product compared to how DOS 2 was at the beginning of its EA.
Technical issues are not a concern, bug fixing should not be anyone's genuine concern, more polish rounding up the rough edges will come 100% and I see absolutely no use in pretending otherwise.

What worries me is what they are going to do in terms of core design. How the game will play, if they will ever address some of the shortcoming introduced by their mechanical changes*, the inadequacies of the UI.
Not the level of embellishment that they will add on top, which is pretty much a given.

* frankly I'm not even in the group that worries particularly about "sticking with 5th ed. no matter what". The problem I have with some gameplay loops and potential exploits is that they are goofy and nonsensical, not that they are not "true to to the source".


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Yeah it is very much EARLY Early Access, but actually they stated up front EA would only ever be Act1, witht he promise of the full game at 1.0 release.
So even with the core mechanics fixed and polish and classes etc... we won't have the full game at all in EA, that's what I paid for.

Not really. This is already an early beta to be honest.
The mechanics and system already stands, at least I do not see that Larian has the intention to change anything like removing D:OS influences and such, and all that is left is bugfixes and adding more content.

We already saw just prior to release of EA changes based upon our feedback, notably the 3rd person narrative. There are supposedly 11 months and 1 week (give or take) until so called planned 1.0 release, no game stays in Beta that long!

That's not to say that I expect all of the main topic to be fixed, but that's not the argument here really, it's still about comms and acknowledging or not, what we as a community have given as feedback.