I mean..... They are trying to portray the 5th ed ruleset to the best of their abilities if their own words are to be believed. Just about every deviation of the rules that they did would horribly unbalance 5th ed rules in the tabletop and in the game we see that as well.

Some rules beeing deviated from (reactions for example) is understandable but most of the homebrew rules just horribly inbalance the game. I would like them to tone that down and let us test the rules as written as closely as possible. Then if something doesent work they could homebrew it with our feedback rather then homebrew half of the rules and go from there.

World full of meaningless items
Color palette
Word full of containers
Battle based in environment and not in class
Height rules
Forced multiple actions for turn by breaking the rules

Agree with these and are things that can be easily finetuned. The action economy needs some serious work but with some minor tweaks can be really spot on. Crafting gives alot of items a use but even then mundane items should be a part of the world imo. Gives you the idea that the world is lived in, you know what I mean?

Babysit customer with bedrolls
Save scum
Quantity over quality

Not sure what you mean with backstab? If you mean that standing behind enemies gives advantage, thats true to 5th ed rules. Attacking someone who cant see you gives advantage. The babysitting customer line I dont get. Save scumming isent really a baldurs gate nor a divinity issue. Its a thing players do. How is that Larian's fault? Yes we begin the game after the tutorial at a beach. Is that an issue? The game beein unbalanced id agree with dont see how thats a divinity or baldurs gate thing? Quantitiy over quality I actually disagree with. The great number of empty containers aside I see no quantity vs quality problem in the game and I dont see it beeing either a baldurs gate or DOS issue....