Ok that all got a little long, but on one of my points the whole Absolute tell you in your dreams... Not using the Tadpole enough.
Again, the game screams at you from moment one Tadpole bad, Ceramorphosis bad, don't use it.

It's only after Halsin reveals that there is a power supressing the effects that I realised maybe I needn't worry quite so much. So yes, I likely rushed the main quest, and yes I blocked out the dreams as much as I could, because when Devils and and Gods offer up murky promises, I trust none of them. So I disagree with you that it's all obvious. Maybe I don't chat to my companions enough on the subject or or or, but frankly if I am in camp, they should talk to me, or it should be discussed a s a grou woth conflicting ideas bouncing back and forth. IT's too clunky and whilst the druid option isn't ideal, especially after Nettie, it still ususally ends up being the more obvious choice. I waltzed into the Goblin camp and even if you persuade your way in, I didn't want to be branded by the Goblin wench so bang, fight 1. If Minthara is looking for us, I would expect the Goblin leadership to be more forward about making sure we see her, hear her side and then yeah, sex vs murderhobo is up to me. Decisions!

Maybe my mind was already too made up, I dunno, playing "evil" doesn't come naturally to me anyway, but like I said, if I edge towards neutral there should be more murky decisions to be made that blur the lines. I'll have another playthrough soon, but I do maintain that if you want more people to be enticed about the so called "evil" route, you need to get the message over to the players more readily to embrace the modified tadpole or get them in front of the Absolute sooner. If it's via the dream then that dream needs to sell me that it isn't the Tadpole speaking a lot better than it currently does, whether via the person in the dream, or my companions doubting.