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For me it’s DOS3. End of story.

I use to say that I used to rage against people saying that BG3 is DOS3
Now I’m their friend

World full of meaningless items
Color palette
Word full of containers
Battle based in environment and not in class
Height rules
Forced multiple actions per turn by breaking the rules
Babysit customer with bedrolls
Save scum
Quantity over quality

Well, I could spend some time listing what I’ve disliked about it.

Here's the deal, it's not end of story yet. Things can still be changed.

Hey let me rage just for today as I’m seriously disappointed with community feedback smile it’s my first rage since the release so I’d appreciate your comprehension smile

I’m not saying the game is bad, for god sake. I was just expecting a masterpiece given the name of the brand & DnD5e and in my humble opinion it turns out to be an okay’ish game.

Yes, it’s early access but I’ve used my clairvoyance spells to foresee the final results and I didn’t like it smile

Wish you happiness and the greatest game of your life. I’ll have to wait more to get mine