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Yeah I mean, after getting to the Drow she doesn’t exactly try to charm you with some big, oh it’s you... she just commands me around, so with a sigh I butcher her and the goblin leadership.

I mean call me shallow, but if she hinted out the blocks (or via narration that you sense an attraction) that sex was on the cards (even if it was to betray me later), then you know, I’m listening...

Come on dark side!! Where’s the cookies?!

This is very much pin-pointing it for me too. Seeing how I played a drow female I started off by attacking her for her insolence, and then attacked her twice more because of abandoning Lolth. After reloading for a third time I forced myself to play the submissive part in order to progress the "evil" storyline. Same process all over again during the party (at least 2-3 reloads).

I have the same general issue with Lae'zel. She has plenty of demands that I can't accomodate while also making decisions for the party. Thus she end up hating me on every playthrough for not showing weakness and acting all submissive around her. I would have to force myself out of character to make a romance/friendship work with her, form what I've seen so far.

On a side-note: I launched PoE2 for the first time yesterday and played through the short prologue.
I refused to do Berath's bidding, and confirmed my decision. I got a few lines of text and game over, credits rolling.
It had me laughing AND it was alright, because apparently I didn't have a choice in the matter. The case of BG3's evil route is most definitely a choice, so unless I'm forced to take that route I need some incentive to do so.