I'm all for them being more faithful to 5e, but I disagree with the "It's DOS3" arguments.

Mostly because I think those elemets people cry over, can be implemented with 5e rules as well, so as long as the game is made with the 5e rules at it's core then everything else will feel more at place.

Height: firstly, it works differently than in DOS2, and It's not really a huge issue if it gives bonuses. It's a take on the cover mechanics, so maybe just port the AC modifiers and not make it Advantage/disadvantag?
Surfaces: You guys know there's options to use that in DnD right? I just don't want Larian to make up new spells like the LarianFireBolt when the game already has Firebolt and Create Bonfire as two different cantrips. Tone down the surfaces, and make spells do what they do in 5e. It's that simple.

Make 5e FIRST, then let us Early Access players tell you where there's need for improvement.

Giving everyone Cunning Actions, to make the game more dynamic (?) instead of just making the game straight up first? And they took out things like dodge?