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Ok that all got a little long, but on one of my points the whole Absolute tell you in your dreams... Not using the Tadpole enough.
Again, the game screams at you from moment one Tadpole bad, Ceramorphosis bad, don't use it.

I think the angle they want you to go for is a One Ring type of deal where everyone keeps telling you its power should not be used, but you let yourself get corrupted by it anyway.
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The evil path is nothing. You go to the goblin camp (and with the way the game works usually you already have the quest to kill the goblins by that point after establishing them as threat and providing you with possible rewards), and it's actually a cool place with a lot of nice side activities and very short, unrelated and nice short stories (the goblin kids, the chicken chasing, Volo, the dick goblin who asks you to lick his boots). But there is nothing else. Each goblin "leader" has a totally different side quest for you, each of them feels as though it exists in a vacuum, and most of them don't really progress the main story. The only one that do is Minthara's quest, and it is literally "go kill the people in the grove because eeeevil". What is compelling about that? Why should even a super cartoonishly evil character would do it? Why create all those leaders if they have no part in the story?

To top it all off, at the end all of these little side stories lead to a big 'ole nothing when the goblins betray you. There exists a very likely outcome that you come out of the "evil" path with less than when you washed up on the beach. The game points you in the direction of Halsin at every turn and the fake options like Ethel / Nettie / Gut only make this pointing more obvious. Minthara doesn't even have a cure for you, just a potential way to get to Moonrise. One that you could easily miss or decide not to use, and then what do you have.