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Can someone explain to me why people dislike dip bonus action? How is it supposed to work and why is the current implementation bad?

Some, because of D&D 5e core rules.
Many others, because it currently IS terribly implemented.

As Mythago pointed out, dipping a sword in candle-light and turning it into a Flaming Sword, yeah... no. Should not happen at all.

The idea is decent enough, in my opinion, but it requires several components. Cover your weapon in grease and light it on fire, as an example, to make it flaming, cool... sure. It also requires you to prepare the proper tools for such a thing to happen. And it would let me make use of the goddamn grease bottles I carry around, making me decide whether to throw them to act as a bomb, or coat my weapon in the grease and hit stuff with it after flaming it up.