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I backed DivOS and DivOS2. They doubled back on promises that where bought and paid for and ignored community feedback even by people who had paid a premium for that privilege. It wasn't just DivOS2 EA. I genuinely do not understand how people can still defend Larian in this day and age.

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Of course they aren't.

They didn't listen during DivOS development and they didn't listen during DivOS2 development. This is the age of social media and they could release a statement that would placate everyone within a few seconds. Most companies have PR specifically to do this and are still duplicitous. They know this will sell like DivOS and DivOS2 and they've already cashed in on BG3 pretty hard with a legal caveat in case they decide to never finish it.

I feel like the two of you failed to remember that, and please correct me if I'm wrong, literally a couple months before launch, they decided to do voiceovers for the entire game despite them saying that they weren't going to do it (Due to both budget and time constraints).
They went ahead and did it anyway because enough people asked for it and told them directly that the game would be significantly worse if it didn't have voice acting.
That's a massive undertaking for the short time they had left.