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It's interesting because the saving throw against poison is actually there for familiar bites.

Yeah. There's code already for handling these things in a way that's closer to D&D rules. This is only the beginning of early access, so there's a lot of time to tweak many things. I'm just somewhat confused because Larian didn't go for D&D 5E rules first and then tweak anything that doesn't translate well into a video game.

Larian wanted more explosions and surfaces.
After adding them they realized most low CR enemies would just be one-shot by surfaces so they tweaked them to add HP but reduced AC a bit so they are technically the same difficulty but more durable totally ignoring all the spells that work based on total HD.
After increasing HP, they realized that enemies takes too much time to kill so they added more chipping power to the player via dipping, light exploding barrels and a few other rule-breaking.
After increasing the power of the player and not limiting long rest, they realized bosses were too weak so they buffed them to the point they aren't D&D creatures anymore.

Rince and repeat, it's a vicious circle of power creep that only matter at level 1 to 4 and will get bulldozed once we reach level 5-6. It also makes a lots of higher level class feature totally useless because they already have cheap replacement available at level 1.