Warlocke hes right tho.
Progressivism has been heavily adopted by Neoliberals to create a smokescreen.

Pretty easy to do crony capitalism when the pro worker people are busy debating toilets : ^)

>where do powers come from
Dont read Elder Evils then.
its gonna break your perception of things. Then again, might not actually be relevant to Forgotten Realms, tho its been implied to play into the very reason the wall of the Faithless is there (Aka: if the mortal sfigure out they dont actually need the gods for divine magic to work theres no reason to hold em ransom anymore)

Either way i dotn think a male cleric of lolth makes any sense, especialy a lolthsworn drow.
Theres the Punk Rock approach to Character building wehre you go "Fuck you im gonna be a Chaotic Evil Paladin" in 5e, but i think Male Lolth cleric is a bit too Punk Rock.

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