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In general: players in D&D shouldn't be limited by lore restrictions. A male cleric of Lolth is an oddity, but so are all player characters. They're the heroes. As a DM, when someone says they want to do something like this, the answer is not "you can't", it's "okay, and this is what that will entail..."

In that case, let my human paladin worship Lolth too, because why not?

No, I dare say. Not like this. Not for free.

How about a compromise? Let a player create a Male Drow Cleric of Lolth, but not without consequences. (Lolth would want your PC to die, so some penalties/randomness in spells, curses like you transform to spider while resting(?) for example, etc.) That might at least make things interesting.

And let's also introduce The Test of Lolth into the game so that those who play for Drow Lolth play as in hardcore mode

Such attentions to details would only make this almost perfect game perfecter.

We need at least a warning at the stage of character creation, when we choose Drow Lolth, about what awaits us.
And the ability to abandon Lolth during the game, if you do not want to pass one of the tests.

How many difficulties, plus the tests are cruel even for me (I like to pass for evil, not chaotic, but law)
This is the reason I am the Drow of the Seldariin