Here is part of The Problem (tm) with The Composer's response:

We know different people work on different elements of the game. The person doing facial animations doesn't really care whether or not every fight involves overpowered surfaces. They can do their job regardless.

BUT, and this is why I think at least some of us are very worried, some of the changes the community is clamoring for will require core mechanical changes that will significantly alter how encounters and combat are designed. The longer people at Larian work with the current mechanics, the greater amount of work will be required to undertake to adjust if the fixes are made.

That is disheartening because it means the more time passes, the less likely we are to see substantial changes to the mechanics, due to the reasoning that 'changing this mechanic would require too much additional effort now'. This is why people are pushing so hard to get responses and changes incorporated, because the longer we wait the less likely the changes are to be implemented.