Sexy Armor (5e Equipment)
This game needs more sexy and revealing, seductive and alluring, provocative and skimpy armors and clothing!

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I'm making this thread because this game needs more skimpy and very revealing armors and clothing!. In all honesty, we need more of it because there is demand for it.
Lets take a look at one of the most popular Superheroine. Wonder Woman.The movie soar in Box Office because she is a beautiful and sexy female warrior wearing skimpy clothing.
The idea of limiting sexuality in games just seems crazy to me. If you can't turn a world of fantasy and fiction to have some kind of freedom, where can you? What is wrong with playing a sexy looking powerful female warrior? It can be pretty fun to assume such roleplay.
Women in very revealing armor are very yummy and breathtakingly beautiful. Sex appeal sells. We demand more revealing outfits.

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EDIT : please refrain from arguing, only say if you would like to see a bit more sexy and revealing or a lot more revealing. (picture helps)

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