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This game needs more sexy and revealing, seductive and alluring, provocative and skimpy armors!

I'm making this thread because this game needs more skimpy and very revealing armors. In all honesty, we need more of it because there is demand for it.

Speak for yourself please.

Dungeons & Dragons has literally never been about "skimpy armor".
If anyone ever came to me as their DM and said "My Paladin of 22 AC wears a platekini.", I'd kick them out of my group.

Unless magical armor changes its appearance to whatever the wearer imagines "Full Plate" would never be "skimpy". It's in the name.

This game isn't about sex appeal. Nor is it about "yummy skimpy warriors". Unless you're a Barbarian (And even then, it's pretty bad), seeing people in plate-kinis rips the player right out of immersion.

Pretty sure there are other games you can play for that, or make your mods, but Larian would never add that in the base game.

so WRONG !
this is a game rated M with full nudity and full sex scene what is wrong with having some sexy armors ??

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