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4 is really enough (fighter, two damage dealers and a healer), 6 is already a clutter, means that developers need to have 50% more enemies in every battle making battles longer and screen more cluttered.

Larian could make enemies deal more damage instead. This wouldn't make the fights last longer. Also see the end of my post re: individual exp auto-balancing encounters.
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Hmmm. What's the origin roster?
Wyll, Gale, Lae'Zel, Shadowheart, Astarion.. I'd say five is a perfect compromise. You can bring the whole gang playing as one of these or bench one if you bring Tav.

I mean, how will this argument work when we have 8+ companions: then we should have a party size of 9? XD
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I want it to be a 6 party game. If you feel like having 6 is too much to handle, you could always just choose not to adventure with the other two members. Nobody is forcing you to travel with a full adventuring party.

In order for this to happen, Larian should implement individual exp. They balance encounters for 4-5 PCs. If you take 6, fights are initially easier, but you level up slower. This brings the difficulty of the latter fights back to normal. The opposite for a party of 1-3: initially fights are harder, but you'd level up faster.
Everyone wins.