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so WRONG !
this is a game rated M with full nudity and full sex scene what is wrong with having some sexy armors ??

Because a "plate-kini" doesn't function as armor.

How can one have 22 AC and 10 Dex while wearing "Full Plate" that covers nothing but your boobs and a thong?

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I just thought this bit was worth highlighting in case, I dunno, because.

Not that I particularly want to see daft bikini armour, but it's that sort of "challenge accepted" thing.

I sincerely hope they don't go ahead and do that. Leave it for the modders. sleep

it does not count as an armors but clothing .....

give 10 ac +dex + cha........dude.............lol you are so closeminded I guess you dont want SEX to be in the game either ?

wizard fight in clothing.... or even naked......where is the problem of having a SEXY ROBE?????

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