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Vometia, do you mean like the stilettos seraphims wear in Sacred series? Yeah, sorry but please no. That if anything, bugged me enormously. Any woman knows how hard it is to run in those not mentioning running in grassy hills and rocky mountains smile

Now, as a man standing for equality, I would never dream of telling a woman what she can and can't wear. (well, in this thread that's practically what I'm doing, sorry for that)

I was thinking more in terms of the heels in D:OS. But yeah, Sacred II works as well; I modded it to make them even more impractical (I mean more strappy, not more, well, high and spiky).

It's nothing that I don't do IRL, speaking as someone who still has knee problems three years after wearing high-heeled boots when there was black ice (tbf, it was early May) and numb toes because I don't see why I can't wear strappy sandals in the middle of winter. Or heatstroke because I decided to wear my fancy new Barbour jacket in the height of summer.

Fair point. Like I said. Would never dream of it. smile