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Oh no please... Why the hell do you want "sexy" armor in such a game...
Are you really fantasising about video games characters...?

well the fact that the game is rate M and also Black desert online influence :P
you do know modeler will do it anyway right ? I meant they do it for every single game(nude mod). so I still don't get it why the DEVS don't get the message. if I want to go around NAKED let me do it.

let me fight the guard that try to arrest me too.

but this this is not what I am asking, this is a Fantasy game for adult I see nothing wrong in having some sexy and revealing clothing and armors in the game from scratch. (not made by a bod)

That can simply be explained by the changes to modern society and overall change to acceptance of stereotypes and how we look upon genders. What kind of signals do a company want to send to their customers. That they are in touch with the modern world and views regarding stereotypes. Or that they still see humanoid characters, mostly females, as sex objects.

That there exists modders and players that still feel the need to confirm old portraying's of gender roles/stereotypes/equality in games is nothing a company really should adhere to.