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Just to play a bit of devil's advocate on this thread, me and my wife both play video games together and she always mods her games to wear more skimpy armor. Some women actually really like that stuff, at least ones I've known.

yes because this is not real life its a game and a fantasy game on top of it. we all want More Sexy Armors and clothing in our games. if you want the real thing you can go play medieval game that are "realistic"

DnD is what you want it to be it had seduction skill/roll/ check and feat in its previous edition/ video game too

You keep saying we.
Who else?

Honestly the armor examples you showed were very cringy and were so outside the art style and theme of this game.
Why would my character... any character walk around with their ass hanging out?

Your armor ideas belong to modded skyrim and asian softcore porn MMOs.