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Oh no please... Why the hell do you want "sexy" armor in such a game...
Are you really fantasising about video games characters...?

well the fact that the game is rate M and also Black desert online influence :P
you do know modeler will do it anyway right ? I meant they do it for every single game(nude mod). so I still don't get it why the DEVS don't get the message. if I want to go around NAKED let me do it.

let me fight the guard that try to arrest me too.

but this this is not what I am asking, this is a Fantasy game for adult I see nothing wrong in having some sexy and revealing clothing and armors in the game from scratch. (not made by a bod)

I think that's totally a waste of ressources and I think it's totally inconsistent as an armor in such a dangerous world.
But I know many players like to see (half) nude women in video games. Just find it very strange...

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