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I people want chainmail bikini armor and wicked weasel jockstraps I have no objections as long as they can easily be avoided.
(the AC boost comes from the distraction!) Alternative models would be the best way to go.

But for the love of Bhaal

1. Don't make them mandatory by making the best armor in the game a something that makes the PC look ridiculous

2. Please, please don't include DOS2 endgame headdresses. Looking like a Brazilian Carnival at the end DOS2 was fun in a game that didn't take itself seriously but if *spoiler character* runs around in bikini and ersatz fruitbowl on her head this will break my immersion.

So far BG3 has gotten the tone right and they should keep to that. Serious with some comic relief. More Star Wars than Guardians of the Galaxy. Keep to that tone.

They should let us choose how our armor looks.
Plenty of games have it now.

Like AC series, i can have a full plate armor on me but in the menu I can choose to appear in cloth armor or underclothes if I wanted lol!