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You changed your point.
You said not a single plate was made for women but King of France famously made one for Jean of Arc.

Plate was Plate. There is just so much clothing and other armor that is put in before the plate even goes on that whatever bosom the lady has is completely covered.

Also plate isn't a yoga outfit, it has a lot of space in the torso area.
Men and women can wear the same suit of armor and both have no difficulty to function.

Edit: also the link provided also confirms what I said.

still am I right they were not made for Woman, but for soldier.
but here we are in a game in a fantasy setting its not the real world and DnD have magic in it the possibilities are infinite. hell you can even have a magic gem that grant +10 ac when you insert it where the sun don't shine. so there is no reason to have "classic" armor looking in a game like this. "we" want options, I don't mind it thoo, hey if you want to "adventure" in full plate mail all day long.

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