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Rince and repeat, it's a vicious circle of power creep

This. And this is the reason I don't think messing up with 5e rules too much is a good idea. Sure, I get from where Larian is coming from, and yes, 5e is not a perfectly balanced system, and yes, Wizards don't spend enough time rebalancing things. But look, if there is anything close to "balanced" in 5e D&D, it's the official rules released by Wizards, on which they've spent years of manpower to achieve. Sure, they can always do more, but they basically have only two jobs - take care of the lore, and take care of the rules. Larian, OTOH, have so many different things going on: programming, engine, art, story, voice acting, directing all of that, so so many things. To think they could also do a rebalancing of rules (which even the Wizards struggle with), doesn't seem too rational, to me. So why even go down this path? It's a tough job, and it's so easy to mess it up.

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