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An improvement could include several steps,
- Remove this magnetic chain system, which is awkward, and replace it with the proved system that is describe earlier and which is used everywhere else.
- More than one sub-group is not necessary, really.
- Each character should see where the next destination is, and wait until the character who should be in front, is in front, before starting to move (instead of moving back and forths to stay behind the character who should be in front, that's what generates those cahotic situations).
- Decide whether characters that are not in the group spawn spontaneously back into it when entering a new area, or are left behind.
- Possibly add a formation option like in Pathfinder, to allow different group formations depending on the situation (V, column, abreast, ...). But it's rare I'm using it, I don't think it's necessary.

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Yeah this week's Larian update was underwhelming. It's good to see bug fixes, but I'm much more interested in the team's plans to fix their game and make it better than I am on seeing demographics for who's banging who.

I must say I don't care much about all this romance stuff, it's really overdone, and it feels artificial and unnecessary. It's nice there are many (other) interactions between the party members though, that adds to the story which is not much developed otherwise. Other RPGs like PoE put more accent on the story itself, to each its own I guess. As long as there's something else than fights (and banging), it's nice to have variety and some depth to the game.

Maybe I'm missing some nuance here, because your explanation is a bit convoluted, but... aren't you essentially re-proposing what most of us have been asking since the beginning of the thread (and before)?

Party control in Baldur's Gate 3 is a complete mess that begs to be addressed. SAY NO TO THE TOILET CHAIN