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Overall, excellent list, many of which made me laugh sadly because they are so lazy (43).

However I'm not really sure if #15 is true. In my playthrough of like 50 hours with Ranger/Laz/Wyll/Gale I only long rested like 4 times. And that's not exploiting barrels or stealth etc. (shrug)

It is certainly possible, and if the game ever fixes the litany of problems one suggestion I will provide is to introduce (a non-5e mechanic even) that encourages or rewards Ironman-style gameplay where the less you rest the more the reward (difficulty level based).

But their encounter design is straight out of the DoS playbook that assumes you're spamming the bedroll between each encounter. This is demonstrated, to me at least, by several of the other points such as the abundance and power of surfaces, item usage by enemies, numerous sources of unavoidable damage, and generally the complete lack of any 'standard' fight that exists just because it makes RP sense for some weak goblins to be there, rather than the full elite crew of special ops ones we face now. This is exacerbated by Larian spamming food items that provide better and more easily accessible healing to try and compensate for the DoS style encounters.

If people feel that #15 is inaccurate however, I am happy to remove!