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Already seen it.
Look at the first video, around time stamp 9:40.

Men and Women can wear the same exact piece of armor and function.
You don't need to specifically design something just for women.

yes , even tho the armor were made for men , a women could potentially fit it there, but only a handful of woman fought in battle,

but no such thing as a armor for woman was made , armor were made for soldier, male or woman, but if you were to ask a blacksmith in the 14th century to craft 1000 armor exclusively for woman and as protective, he would have surely made some adjustment, base on a women body. but it never happen.

The idea of limiting sexuality in games just seems crazy to me. If you can't turn a world of fantasy and fiction to have some kind of freedom, where can you? What is wrong with playing a sexy looking powerful female warrior?
With a magical sexy chain mail + 3 that protect her body better then a NORMAL chain mail cuz its magical ?
if dnd was a realistic table top game, it would not be where it is right now.
people dont want real... they want fantasy.
if you want real, dnd if not for you.

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