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As I've already said in dataminning thread (and been accused of puritanism which is certainly not a tag I identify with) I'm all in for sexy (I think Lae'Zal's armor is a good example) while keeping it at least somewhat classy or (since I've learned this expression means very different things to different people) somewhat covered.

Again I'd reference Witcher 3 (especially Yen - I love in-game Yen) as a good example of that or even WOW tier sets (also AC Odyssey wasn't bad in this regard).

Sure it would be best if we could have both to keep everyone happy, however that wouldn't be so easy to implement and I think the development team's energy and time would be better spent in many other places. Also that's probably not the art direction they're going for.There are already at least 2 naked mods on Nexus so I'm pretty sure people like OP will find attire more appropriate to their tastes there, than what Larian could ever provide them with.

Also those first two images OP graced us with?! As a real life female archer please let me tell you - a nipple getting in a way of bowstring is an EXTREMELY bad idea (cannot overstate this).

So no "WE" are certainly not asking for anything akin to what OP is suggesting, However decollete, leather corsets, overknee boots, some sidecuts etc - yes please

this is not real life, this is dnd and your nipple are protected by magic.

let's not get on the real amazon of earth subject and see if they were wearing any sexy outfit to attract men?

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