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Good job on compiling these points. Hopefully this will be the place where all such discussions are redirected so we don't have a new post every day regarding one or more of these issues.

As to the points themselves, there should be no surprise that there are a lot of parallels. It would be wasteful for them to change certain things just to be different (e.g. 49, 38, 35). Some are wrong (e.g hotbar UI). A good amount we can expect (or at least hope) to change (e.g 7, 8, 14, 15 and so on). Some are so subjective as to be meaningless (e.g 1). Moreover, a lengthy list can also be compiled that shows why BG3 doesn't feel like DOS2.

Several of the items were condensed for brevity, such as the Hotbar UI. In particular I was trying to reference how it both appears similar stylistically and functionally. For example, the automatically placing of potions, scrolls, items, abilities resulting in a cluttered mess that doesn't keep its arrangement, as well as the automatic removal of 'abilities' that are no longer available (such as the Recast Hex/Hunter's Mark) that then get filled in by picking something up, making for a tedious process each time you use those 'temporary' skills. Should I provide more detail on some of them?

Other items like #1 were straight up lifted based on seeing the same comment repeated on this forum or the Discord server. I suppose someone could do a full color palette analysis, but admittedly it was ultimately a subjective call on my part. The plural of anecdote is not data, but until someone can do a more objective analysis I do agree that the color palette is more similar to the DoS series (bright, exaggerated lighting, overly vivid colors) than anything else, much less the Baldur's Gate series (duller, subdued lighting). Undoubtedly some of that is due to the progression of time and expectations of visual fidelity, but the comparison remains (compare BG 3 to something like the PKM/Wasteland 3 color palettes to show what the feel could be even on a modern engine).

Fair point on the hotbar. Probably should rephrase to “hotbar functionality” though.

Please don’t feel like you need to defend all the points you listed (you’ll have no time for anything else if you do). I know you are simply listing arguments made by others.