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stop talking about real life !!!!!!!!!!! get on the subject, this is a a high fantasy GAME RATED M for MATURE. wtih full sex scene , go play maplestory 2 if you want a sex free game

99% of all male gamer play female char.

Of course it's a mature game. You can have a full on lesbian sex scene with Minthara right now - with even implied 69ing. That storyboarding suggests a lot more graphic gameplay to come.

And yeah, I'm a male player, currently playing a female (lesbian) character. I prefer playing females in games which aren't 1st person because if I have to stare at a face all the time, I'd rather look at a face I think is pretty. But the camera really doesn't linger much on my character's body. Why would I care how she's dressed outside of the camp sex scenes (when she's undressed)?

But the idea that I go to a game like this to pop a woody is just silly. There are plenty of other places for that. I expect in-game sexual content to be many different things, depending upon the character dynamics, from intimate and sweet, to incidentally humorous, to borderline disturbing. But I don't go to RPGs to get aroused. I'd play a graphic hentai dating simulator or something if that's what I was looking for.