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Just want to point out that there are spells and magic items that allow you to have an AC bonus and still allows you to wear whatever you want. That said, the Chosen (if they are still alive in 5E I am not sure, I only know Blackstaff is dead for sure), that the Seven Sisters were not known for wearing very conservative clothing. However, they probably had Bracers (or Bracelets) of Armor and had pretty high dexterity. So revealing armors are kind of apart of the game for men and women. Barbarians usually get away with it due to Damage reduction and usually having higher than average dexterity than some fighters, but as it is noted you can have fighters with higher dex scores than 10. That said this is a Fantasy setting where anything is possible. You are playing a character that is or could change into a Mind Flayer at any moment. hahaha How hard is it to believe there are heroes that dress like this? I just find it absurd that people just say, "Whoa!" at aesthetics for armor in a game that has the ability to swap your gender and race or into a tree if you want. As far as Full-Plate granted a 22 AC, if it was Magical I would allow it. Even if it was a Full-Plate bikini. It is MAGICAL. As in capable of doing the IMPOSSIBLE. If you don't like magic breaking your reality immersion, then you really aren't into fantasy. No one is saying you have to equip your female characters to look like skimpy clothed vixens and no one should expect others to always want their characters to conform to how they BELIEVE they should look. As far as allowing things at your gaming tabletops, that is YOUR gaming group, and while it is totally justifiable to expect things there you should not expect everyone to adhere to your thinking. I don't expect anyone to think everything I say or do is correct nor do I think I am always correct, but I refuse to let creativity to be stifled.

I have a better solution for all of you though, but why can't we just simply have armors that are made for those that want to have the skimpy look and those that don't. The developers could have a few actual sets that are revealing, but hey as everyone says if you don't like that there is always modding! Seriously, don't stifle peoples creativity just because you personally find it distasteful. I don't expect people to get art, but I'm tired of people shaming others for simply expressing themselves. And my mini-rant has ended! *Flips Night Watch cloak around dramatic style and goes back to guard the realms of men.* silly

thx, I could not have said it better smile

what is wrong with having a magic pair of panty granting +20 AC but only if you ware only that smile

hahaha Brings a whole new meaning to panty raider, huh? :hihi: bow