Hello there!

I'd like to start with the fact that I'm new to the 'heavy-rpg' genre. I played abit of Dos2, and I stopped somewhere in act 2.

Sadly with Baldur's Gate 3, I find myself running into the same 'problems' I ran in Dos2, which is me clicking too many times the "Load last save" button.

I don't know wether that's the style of gameplay I should experience or not, since the game doesn't seem to be designed for this type of gameplay.

I find myself running constantly into situations like:
- Failing on a dialogue option which triggers an entire camp to ambush my party.
- Mistakenly stepping on a trap which wipes my party.
- Getting ambushed by a gang which outnumbers me by alot.
- plenty of other unintended situations that end up killing me completely.

In Baldur's Gate 3, like in Dos2, you enter large battles which take ages to complete. For some reason I always get a feeling of "I surely did something wrong to cause this fight of 100 enemies against my 4-man party..."
Right now, I'm basically stuck with
Me being stuck inside the defiled cave in the Goblin Camp, only to be ambushed by the entire camp as I go out.
, which in Dos2 I felt the same with
Being ambushed by a skeletons together with the void creature in the swamp
and even during
The fight against Alexander and the ship sequence after

Should the gameplay feel like a Dark Souls game, where you just wipe over and over until you realise how it should be done? Or it's just me not knowing how things should be done? (which totally might be the case lol)

For now these are my main problems with these games, and I geniunly feel like I'm playing it just.... wrong.

I'd love to hear your experiences, tips, rants, or whatever helps clarify me on wtf I'm doing so wrong.

Have a nice one!

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