Played WoW, Soulsborne games, Witcher, Skyrim... those types of games. I play D&D aswell, so I'm mostly familiar with the ruleset and how combat should work.

I feel certain actions I make in the game cause such unexpected extreme results, which I have no choice but to reload.

The fights themselves, some fights are piss easy, some I'm so outnumbered, that even after killing 10 enemies (which does take like 10 minutes because the amount of time for each enemy to act) still more arrive and just stomp over my party which is basically 10 minutes down to the dump. The difficulty is so bumpy and unexpected, that I'm abit lost on where I should really go.

Another location I experience the same is:
Going into the Hag's cave, to be encountered by her servants who hit like trucks, while the floor itself explode from a single arrow by the enemy side

With encounters that I walk into an ambush, only for the enemy side to trigger a trap which basically lowers my party's HP to a single number amount, I have no choice but to reload.