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No thanks when it comes to the topic of sexy armor. It does not make any sense from a combat perspective, where your character wearing plated nipple tassels can take an axe to the stomach and come out unscathed. To each their own I suppose, but I would prefer something with form follows function. Now, this is not to say I am opposed to a variety of outfits that can serve varying purposes, from a role play perspective. However, if you want "slutty" or "sexy" outfits, they should not have any armor values and serve only as that, an outfit.

Well if you have a potion/scroll of stoneskin technically you could do that. There is also the possibility you have a regeneration spell or fast healing capability. Another possibility is if you have Damage Reduction if that is still a thing in 5E. Not sure if they kept that or not. I mean there are plenty of sources of supernatural or extraordinary ways to avoid such things in D&D that you just explained here.