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To my knowledge in Faerun, Drow male cannot become a Cleric of Lolth. Which is one of the key characteristics of a typical evil Drow society which is predominantly sexist and racist.

Surely it is a mistake of Larian and it will be fixed, right?

Or did the Lore change to be more "SWJ PC"?

In The Silent Blade (1998, 11th book in the Drizzt collection) there is a male Drow cleric (of Lolth) wizard hybrid.

Yep, Rai-guy Bondelek and he is a top lieutenant in Bregan D'aerthe (Jarlaxle's mercenary band.) I don't remember which book it is in but in one of them he actually heals Regis by praying to Lloth and later in the same book he save Drizzt from dying and Jarlaxle remarks about how he will have to do penance for months for using his prayers to Lady Lloth to heal Drizzt (or something to that effect anyway.)

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