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No worries mate, I was just pointing out that if someone had never played DOS 2, they may have a completely different take, because some of the tropey stuff is tropey for a reason.

In regard to 5: The question stands. There were lootable items in BG, BG 2, IWD, IWD 2, NWN, NWN 2 and on and on, that were there for the express purpose of being sold to a vendor. Useless for anything else.

7. Yeah, so is "it's exactly the same as Divinity". I have the experience from just this morning because my catalog of games I can play offline is small, to say "Nope, it's not exactly the same". I also have some real world experience to know that shooting from high ground does give one an advantage. I may have even addressed that in that thread, but perhaps not. However, even with archery, if you're shooting deer, you can get a clearer shot from a blind in a tree than trying to shoot through underbrush to hit it. Nothing to do with range, or damage rolls, just a purely factual representation of what it's actually like.

Regarding 8, see where I agreed with you about the rogues. Yes, I did know, I have a lot of experience with both BG and BG 2.

10: Yeah, as I said, it's a trope for a reason. Pointing at all the tropes to say "see, DOS 3" doesn't carry a lot of weight, especially if they were tropes before DOS 2 ever came out.

Wasn't 14 about food? Did you know you could be a master chef in Aion, about 10 years before Divinity? This is what I'm talking about. Someone reading this that's never played DOS 2 is going to be more like "what are they going on about, that was in Oblivion, or Aion, or (insert other games they may have played that had cooking)".

#5 yup, the infamous Vendor Trash (tm). But this isn't vendor trash. The VT in the listed games had actually worthwhile gold value, especially relative to their weight. We didn't get inventories full of 1gp bones, skulls, ropes, tongs, sheers, etc. That's why I didn't say vendor trash, but specifically the useless items that don't even serve the purpose of generating gold.

#7 If you read the link I wrote, I am actually *heavily* advocating for BG 3 to represent digitally what you described. Which is the Cover mechanics, a base rule of 5e. Height should potentially allow you to shoot over Cover, thus providing (in general) a +2 to the attack roll. That's not what is currently represented in BG 3. Right now, shooting from a stand is treated as if you suddenly strapped a thermal scope and hunted in pitch black, regardless of whether there was any Cover between you and the target to begin with. But as you know, shooting a target from a stand or from the ground, when there is no Cover at all between you and your target to begin with, is not any more inherently accurate (target/range/sighting dependent, but roughly true), while BG 3 currently treats it as if there is. Introducing the 5e Cover mechanics is a golden goal for me personally.

#10 But it's not a trope of the BG series, while it is a *firm* trope of the DoS series. To the point where all you have to say is "start on a beach" and too many people immediately know you're memeing DoS. Like it or not, that trope is *heavily* associated with DoS, and not at all with the BG series. This is not a point I expect Larian to change at this point, but it is accurate for a list of why the game may feel like DoS rather than BG.

#14 Again, I feel like you're ignoring the point of this thread. Generally speaking, here is the logical process I used for inclusion on this list:

Step 1 - Was the 'thing' something that does exist in DoS?
Step 2 - Was the 'thing' something that is well known for existing in DoS?
Step 3 - Was the 'thing' something that does exist in BG?
Step 4 - Was the 'thing' something that is well known for existing in BG?
Step 5 - How often have I experienced the 'thing' being discussed?

Yes, Yes, No, No, often = put on the list. Whether or not another game also had a similar feature isn't relevant to me, especially because Larian isn't known for those games so the expectations to differentiate from some random other game aren't relevant (to me at least).

This thread isn't relevant, at all, for someone that hasn't played DoS. But then again the literally most commonly provided feedback on this forum also isn't that BG 3 feels too much like Aion. It's that it feels too much like DoS. So that's what DoS is the comparison, not other games. It isn't factors that are unique to DoS, it's for factors that are prominent in DoS but also generally not prominent in BG, thus lending to the feeling of playing DoS rather than BG.