Don't feel bad, it sounds like you're kind of new to this type of game. That being said, this game is not at all difficult to those with more experience, so hopefully with some tips you'll do better and have more fun.

First, I think this person's post is pretty similar, so you may find the tips within pretty helpful:
There is really not a specific way to beat things like in Dark Souls, these games actually give you tons of flexibility.

It's really hard to know what you're doing wrong without watching you play. But I'll try to make some helpful guesses / hints:
  • Focus fire enemies - The faster you eliminate an enemy the faster and easier combat goes. So don't attack a different enemy with each character. One less enemy taking turns, hitting you, etc.
  • Positioning - If you know you're going to start a fight, unlink your team and get them into position as best you can. Move the tank type in the front, get the ranged ones up high (if that's an option you can do without triggering a dialog). Use sneak to help with this.
  • Use crown control - maybe set up a bottle neck or just look for a clump of enemies to use grease, web, or some other hindering effect on so they waste their turns.
  • Use consumables like resistance potions, scrolls, etc. These are abundant and completely not necessary but they're there to help you so don't worry about hording them.
  • Identify the threats - sometimes the boss isn't the important one. Maybe you should be hitting that goblin shaman who keeps using Bless on the other goblins. Breaking his concentration will waste part of what he did and remove a really powerful buff from the other enemies.
  • Ask questions - if you don't understand why you had disadvantage attacking, take some screenshots and ask. Understanding the mechanics is really important to choosing the tools within your toolbox to deploy in a fight.

I hope that helps!

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