My issue here is that

1) Adding sexy armor/clothing just to have it feels out of place and takes away from immersion. Pushing the agenda that more sexiness needs to be added is a bad approach. It will feel forced if you first go for making something sexy, then come up with a reason why.

2) I'm sure Larian will give characters their appropriate apparel. For example, the dream character has revealing clothing intended to look attractive.

3) Sure, sex sells, but this is also a serious fantasy RPG and overly sexy look would also make it look like Larian aren't taken this seriously, leading to bad reputation.

As it is, I'm sure knights are gonna look like knights while characters who are intended to look attractive will have clothing/armor to go with it. In other words, what's the problem? Why is this feedback needed? To remind Larian that boobs are nice to look at? I'm sure they're aware already