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1st of all, thanks for the reply! Plenty of useful tips that I'll pay in mind in my next battle.

In addition, my problems which are outside of combat are usually unexpected results which leave me no choice but to reload.

Walking into an ambush, stepping on a trap, clicking on something which raise the earth to the skies... I'd like to know how to expect those traps sooner, how to prepare myself from the upcoming ambush, etc, without having to reload and try again based on my previous save.

If I had a chance against those ambushes, then I don't mind just keep going, but since I'm so outnumbered at the very beginning, what other choice do I have but to reload?

Stepping on a trap is pretty hard given that even if you fail the perception check, you should know immediately that there is something important near by. So if I see the failed save I stop everyone and move them all forward to the lead point to get a chance at finding whatever was missed.

Sometimes though, the unexpected just happens. You shoot something by accident and it blows up 30 barrels and covers all sorts of places you couldn't have possible expected given how seemingly far or unrelated they were to what you were doing. I didn't find too many of these, but sometimes it just happens.

As other's have mentioned, you definitely don't need to fight the whole goblin town if you don't want to. You can just port out before exiting the inside where the bosses are.