I don't understand what you're asking of the company. I'm also not sure if this post belongs more in the help section or feedback section because the struggle that you're experiencing is due to your seeming lack of caution.
You're not going to avoid every surprise situation, but most of them can be prepared for to improve your odds. This isn't a game where your carefree wanderlust is rewarded.
And if you're reloading as often as it seems that you are, have you tried, y'know, adjusting your strategy? One reload figuring out the particulars of a fight and then a reload here and there due to bad luck, I could maybe see.
So what help do you want exactly from Larian? Do you want a difficulty slider because you're not learning the mechanics or taking the time to adjust your strategy?
Traps and ambushes are effective because of their surprise elements. That's what makes them traps and ambushes. I don't understand what you're asking for because you've got a lot going on.

I don't want to fall to bits 'cos of excess existential thought.