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lol you get it all wrong. let me put it that way, why in a game rate M with full sex, can't we have a little cleavage on armors and robes ??? where is the problem ? don't bring the " its not REAL or PROCTECTIVE enough argument'

its totally irreverent, the ARMOR IS MAGICAL !@!!!!!! MAGICLA FFS !!!!! MAGICAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!! are your armor magic in real life NO! GOD get that into your head people this is a fantasy game with magic item and spell that can give you AC you could have a simple belt that give +x ac allowing you to fight naked...of course its not realistic its a fucking DnD game rate M!!!!!!..............................................this is a fantasy game we talking about here, like I say previously , what if I give you a pair of panty that grant +20 ac but, you can only ware that.... nothing else. would you , throw that heavy +0 plate mail on the on ground and up in the panty ? yes you will Conan the barbarian did, and am pretty sure he like his +20ac panty .

so tell me what is wrong with some revealing armors and clothing ?


Well some players are already objectified enough in real life and would like a fantasy to escape from that. There where will be plenty of modders for the trashy armor, so you have nothing to worry about. I want my knight that wears actual armor and isn't some sex toy. M is for mature, doesn't mean it has to trashy and unrealistic