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@OP I wouldn't call that armor sexy. The words 'trashy', 'garish', and 'tasteless' come to mind. I don't mind some delicate or even elegant armor but it's still armor and your examples are way over the top for this game. It's BG3 not 'Succubi from Mars'.

and BG3 is a game rated M for mature with nudity and full sex scene, where is the problem with having some "cleavage" on robe and armors that are magical on top of it?. why limiting it like that?

this is not a game for kid by the way its for adult.

They were suggesting "delicate or even elegant armor". Would you not be satisfied with something like that if it has a bit of cleavage? Or does it have to be armored bra and panties?

Sexy Armor (5e Equipment)https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Sexy_Armor_(5e_Equipment)

anything else, but what we have in game .would be better. there is nothing.

I am not asking to have that armor in the pic I linked in my first post its was just a SUGGESSTION to get people in the mood.

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