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Can you argue that game is missing a nostalgic feel because it doesn't adhere to 5e rules or previous BG games as you'd like? yes.

Can you discuss balance issues? Definitely, it's early access and of course the game won't be perfect right away

Are other players allowed to like the changes? yes

Did Larian lie? not really, even in OP's links, they never said it'd be 1 to 1 conversion. In fact they said that'd be impossible. They'd get it close as they could. Expect more changes for better or worse as the EA goes on

Keep in mind, even WoTC wanted changes in the game as well https://kotaku.com/the-ranger-class-is-getting-some-changes-in-d-d-and-ba-1835659585

There is something between "1 to 1 conversion" and a totally inacurate conversion... It looks like "as close as they could" is really subjective^^

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