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Vometia, do you mean like the stilettos seraphims wear in Sacred series? Yeah, sorry but please no. That if anything, bugged me enormously. Any woman knows how hard it is to run in those not mentioning running in grassy hills and rocky mountains smile

Now, as a man standing for equality, I would never dream of telling a woman what she can and can't wear. (well, in this thread that's practically what I'm doing, sorry for that)

Do you know that high heel were first worn by guys? smile


I did know. And the first heel was for horsemen securing the boots in stirrups. Later becoming fashion in Europe as it makes you appear taller. They were though, never considered practical for soldiers walking/running on ground as the heel, especially the stiletto, sinks into soft materials like grass making it troublesome and even hazardous.

I guess, since the intro shows people being snatched from a city, our first starting gear could include boots/shoes with heels. And you can ofc roleplay a character so proud that he/she will never change those beautiful boots to something more practical but uglier on his/her journey.

me warrior with 7 dex me ware full plate mail day , night, eating, sleeping, even on the pot ! :P

Does your warrior also have Intelligence less than 5? smile

You see, that is why I prefer playing casters. We naturally pick more points in CHA, WIS and INT. Sure, I might not be strong enough to even lift a sword with my bare hands. But that's what my servants are for. Or I just show a little skin to the first strong manly fighter I meet on the road.

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