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I am going to read them all, believe me. If any have good points, happy to include! I am still on the fence regarding specifically delineating out otherwise potentially similar factors (Reliance on Environment being a general factor versus the specifics factors of Height, barrelmancy, etc.). In general, I tried to keep the broad factors as they typically tend to be provided as a chief factor, while specific factors have tended to receive extremely specific discussion.

However, to answer your very first statement, I do not believe that you fully read the title and introductory paragraph. So let me emphasize the part I am referencing:

"...this is not for stating changes to the base rules of 5e or even decrying some of these elements."

Decrying - the present participle of Decry, to publicly denounce.

This was not written as, nor ever intended to be, a list of complaints. It is intended to be a list of factors, that combine to provide something people can point to as reference to the claim that BG 3 currently feels too much like playing a DoS game instead of a BG game. For example, I actually prefer TB to RTwP, to the point where the TB mod for PKM salvaged that game for me. But I don't deny that it is a factor in why BG 3 can feel like DoS 3, even if I agree with the change and don't feel like it is something Larian needs to change.

The fact that you immediately assumed it is a list of complaints is telling, but I will nonetheless review as best I can. My intent is for the list to become an all inclusive list of what players are noticing as similar factors, then be narrowed down into things that can/should be changed and ones that cannot/should not by Larian.