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@Svalr: I didn't say there was a problem with wanting to play a non-evil drow. I was just pointing out that non-evil drow are extremely rare and that there is no problem with the race being almost entirely evil in this fantasy world. I say that because this is not the first time that I have heard crap about Wizards softening the drow to be less evil because, ALLEGEDLY, they don't want the dark skinned race to be the bad guys. I don't know if that is true but I certainly hope it is not. I really grow tired of attempts to make fantasy worlds reflect the modern real world.

Yeah I don't think that's what wotc are doing either tbh.
I do think that there is a problem in America in particular with the overall political climate being really crazy and there's a lot of overreactions and reading really extreme interpretations into everything etc.
Like the whole '' everything is political '' thing is often incredibly toxic and quite shallow, people act as if just because you can read politics into something deliberately then it actually makes it super political and needs to be judged as such 110%.

But I think that in this case and in regards to the alignment issue it's more about just giving people more power to RP the character that they want.
I think that most people who play a certain race is still going to play it pretty traditionally and most of the characters in games will still be quite typical.
If you play an Orc for example then I think that in 9 out of 10 cases you're going to play it fairly stereotypiocally, but there's also people who want to play a more atypical Orc and the alignment system for example often got in the way of that.
My first character in Baldur's Gate 3 for example was a good Drow.

I have a lot of problems with wotc, I am not a fan of them as a company and a lot of what they're doing at all.
But I don't think that this was about some agenda or anything but more about just creative freedom for the players.