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That was unnecessary, dude. It's not funny .. Let's look at pretty girls in armor

Why only girls?. So far the only picture of worth imo was the guy in the sexy armor link.

And no, with that I do not mean we should start uploading a bunch of pics of half naked men. I know how a search engine works if I need that. Thank you very much smile

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Why do you only want the women in underwear? Where are the males?

The forum already has a topic where gay sex in the game is discussed, there are many such pictures:


It's better to have girls in this one (I'm heterosexual)

Well. that thread is about gay sex, this is about sexy outfits for all genders.

I was serious about conjuring that man to my bedroom though, for, you know...research purposes.

(Now what would be a suitable summoning ritual...and reagents? The testicle of a bison, that's a given. A lock of hair from a nymph for the behavior, a heart from a horse for the stamina, I'm missing something though.... a bar of steel for binding? no no no, that's way too much)

Oh, are you guys still here? Go away, I'm busy

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