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IMHO if you want people to take your comments seriously, don't repeatedly mention "Divinity 3" in the OP. It's been done to death and at best results in an echo chamber.

This from a mod/admin is very disappointing. You're actively discouraging feedback from the player base because, from the looks of it, you/larian don't like what is being said. This could be construed as coming from Larian themselves. If a lot of people are voicing their opinion that the game is failing at being a faithful 5e adaptation, which it objectively is, it doesn't mean we're in an echo chamber. It means Larian has pissed a lot of people off.

As for the OP, if this is what Larian thinks is a 'faithful' adaptation they are blind fools. They've changed/broken so many fundamental rules of balance in the 5e system in an effort to make "BG3 the Michael Bay Cut".